2019 Review Committee

We are pleased to have on board with us this year a committee of distinguished reviewers, including several who have served as Civvys judges for multiple years. We are also pleased to welcome some 2018 winners to the review committee. We are grateful for the involvement of this dedicated group, and the Civvys would truly not be possible without them lending their time and talents.


Betsy Wright Hawkings | Program Director, Governance, Democracy Fund (2017, 2018 Review Committee)


Sterling Speirn | Chief Executive Officer, National Conference on Citizenship (2018 Review Committee)


Peter Levine | Associate Dean for Research, Tufts University (2017, 2018 Review Committee)


Lisa Matthews | Program Director, National Conference on Citizenship (2018 Review Committee)


John Richter | Senior Advisor, Bipartisan Policy Center (2018 Review Committee)


Louise Dubé | Executive Director, iCivics (2018 Winner, National)


Martin Carcasson | Director, CSU Center for Public Deliberation (2018 Winner, Local)


Nancy Rose, Chief Operating Officer at EducationNC and FirstVote (2018 Winner, Youth)


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